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Post  Vadivelrajan on Fri Sep 23, 2011 1:53 pm

In the dialy mileu of work, many of the supply chain professionals and organisations as such forget to update the Vendor Master. I believe all of us who work in supply chain profession either in SAP / Oracle or any other ERP application should have worked with vendor masters.

Vendor masters have critical data such as the address of the vendor, Payment terms, taxes, charges and discounts if standardised. We also have email addresses.

The main problems we face in handling the vendor masters are:
1.Duplication of vendor code they by having parts of the procurement histories here and there.
2.Outdate payment terms
3.Out date VAT terms.

If we take the time to clean up the vendor master once in a while it will save a lot of time and new intuitions in procurement thereby saving on ordering cost.

Procurement history ia an important data which has to be maintained properly as this will enable us to get the right product and control the price and deliveries.

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